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December 6, 2013 by Russ

It’s been a busy month of travel and adventure, but there are a few new things to report in this short post!

First, we had a great trip to Washington D.C. over Thanksgiving to see some excellent friends.  While there, we picked up a few new things for our Cabinet:

  • Green Hat Gin, made right in D.C.  It’s a fine tasting gin with an excellent story to go with the name, as well as some very well-chosen botanicals.  I put it to work in a Barnum (Was Right) Cocktail, and the results were sublime.
  • Art in the Age Sage, a ‘garden gin’ based on a recipe formulated by Thomas Jefferson’s gardener and horticultural mentor.  This is another worthy and delicious addition to the Art in the Age line of liqueurs.
  • Hum, an unusual but stunning liqueur that contains ingredients like kaffir lime, cardamom, ginger, and hibiscus.  It’s an entrancing, deep red color, and every ingredient I just listed comes through in the taste.  There will some amazing things made with this stuff!

We visited The Passenger while in the capitol, and became instant fans… and I don’t mean Twitter.  Well, not just Twitter.  They don’t have a standing menu, and instead, take requests and preferences from the customer and create each drink according to those tastes.  We were made some pretty impressive and inspired drinks, and will be writing more about that soon.  Stay tuned!

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