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So a guy comes home to a bar…

September 29, 2013 by Russ

photo 1

As mentioned, our home bar started off with some naive choices.  As our explorations into mixology have matured, so have our selections at our local (and out of town) liquor stores.  As the collection grew, it expanded past the boundaries of the furniture it was kept in.  Eventually, we had to make some choices as to what was kept out and what went into hiding.

Before you call liquor snob on us (and fairly so), these decisions were not made solely on how cool or hip each spirit was.  As our recipes and tastes progressed, we realized that some bottles were gathering more dust than others.  Housekeeping practices aside, things that lost their prime real estate spot were simply not called on or used often enough.

Apry is stunningly delicious, by the way

Not much of a difficult decision on this one.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to discard the value and potential of these spirits.  No doubt there are some tasty recipes out there for these lonely tipples, but we’ve had our eyes on other prizes.  That said, Elyn and I are considering the idea of making these bottles a challenge; perhaps concocting some easy uses, cocktail and otherwise, to finish these off.  Suggestions welcome below in the comments!

Full disclosure, esteemed reader, we have some very silly things hanging out in the laundry room.  Some of those in the photo up top there are just the 1.75 L bottle that we refill the 750 mL on the bar with.  I’ll list them in the Cabinet (take a look!  Input welcome!) under the blush-faced title, the Bar of Eagerness.  There’s black vodka, there’s Amarula, there’s a root beer liqueur…. but around the house, we just call it the laundry room.

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