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Harvest Week at Motor Supply Company

October 21, 2013 by Elyn


We got a chance to check out the Harvest Week menu at Motor Supply Company last week. Every year, the folks at the restaurant invite in the farmers and other local producers that make their menu possible for a fun party followed by a week of farm-t0-table inspired menus. This year it wasn’t just the food menu that got the harvest makeover but the cocktail list as well.


When we arrived, the bar was packed so we got a table and ate some pretty tasty appetizers. We tried a beet salad, pork belly, and a steamed seafood appetizer. I’m still not sold on pork belly and unfortunately this preparation didn’t help, I guess I like mine more tender. But, the beet salad was to die for. We also got some soup and a cheese plate but we didn’t snap pictures of those.


But, we’re here to talk about the cocktails, right? We had a few with dinner – the “Jazz Go Down” and “The Fall Guy”. “Jazz Go Down” featured Zaya rum, pepper and bacon jam, creme de cacao, and apple cider. It sounded pretty awesome. Unfortunately, the creme de cacao took over and obliterated almost everything else. It was decidedly lacking a sour hit and even the rum got pretty lost in the chocolate flavor. Definitely a concept with some awesome potential, though. That garnish is pretty sassy, huh?


“The Fall Guy” was a definite hit. I’ve been finding myself pretty attracted to tequila drinks lately and snapping them up when they’re done creatively. This one called my name by matching Dobel Maestro tequila up with cinnamon basil, chipotle, honey, and ginger beer. It was spicy, refreshing, and really let the tequila sing. While the fall flavors were evident, the freshness from the basil made it a drink that I’d gladly sip all year.


After dinner, we slid over to the bar which had quieted down significantly. Good thing, because we wanted to bend the ear of the bartender. We lucked out and Josh Streetman, the head bartender that developed the harvest menu was there to help us out. Our next round of drinks was excellent. I’m a sucker for rye and witty names so the “Drunk @ Karaoke on Halloween” (Bulleit rye, Cocchi Americano, pumpkin puree, sorghum, carbonation) was a natural choice. Russ stepped out of his usual patterns and was so allured by the description of the “Six String Bass” that he picked a vodka drink! This one was Tito’s infused with smoked pears, calvados, amontillado sherry, lemon, and honey.


Josh is definitely doing some innovative things behind the bar at Motor Supply. He let us know that a brand new late fall cocktail menu would be unveiled this week so there will always be something new to check out.

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