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Cola liquor supply: LEVEL UP!

November 6, 2013 by Russ

Just another quick post about some good news: Our favorite local liquor store, Morganelli’s, now stocks Luxardo Maraschino cherries! If you’ve ever had a drink that called for a cocktail cherry, these are the cherries that are meant to be in it.

Instead of bright, fructose-laden red globes, these are dark, dark cherries stored in syrup (which is just as delicious as the cherries are).  The texture on the inside is smooth and sweet, with a rich cherry flavor that remind me more of Heering cherry liquor (also dark red and syrupy) than kirschwasser (which my spell correct wants to tell me is Schwarzenegger).

So three cheers for Morganelli’s, who has the savvy and smarts to ask for suggestions on social media (like their Facebook!  DO EET!!) and actually follow through with it.  This is just another reason why they are our favorite… it’s just coincidence that they are geographically the closest to home.

For a recipe suggestion, I will once again go back the Corpse Reviver #2; Luxardo’s cherries are the sweet ending waiting at the bottom of the glass and a perfect finish to the drink.  I think I’ll have one now!  Post over!

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