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Can I get an amen?

November 5, 2013 by Russ

Foillowing up on my previous post about punch, another success story has played out! A few dear friends of ours, out in Seattle, decided to throw a party and honored me by calling to ask for a punch recipe. You can imagine my elation! This is the close friend who I wrote about on my Corpse Reviver #2 post who had never drank at all, but allowed me to make his first cocktail.

I recommended the punch I made for last New Year’s Eve party and wrote up detailed instructions, liquor buying advice, and ongoing tech support. Despite their worries that a complicated and expensive punch might not be consumed, it was apparently gone halfway through the party and was a total hit.

My confidence with punch has grown yet again, and I cannot wait for my next excuse to make it again. Big thanks to those two adorable and engaged dearest friends of mine for the chance to share my passion, and flattering me again by trusting my boozy decisions.

Punch, anyone?

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